About the Food Learning Locator

Built by the Bainum Family Foundation, this online map helps D.C.-area residents find local nutrition education and job training programs. With search and filter functions, you can easily find programs using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Thanks to our partnership with Bainum, The Food Trust will soon be expanding this mapping tool to the Philadelphia area. Stay tuned for more information!

Site overview

Food-education programs help enhance your personal skills and knowledge of food-related topics. Food-education program topics include:

  • Cooking and recipes
  • Gardening
  • Nutrition education
  • Shopping healthy/on a budget
  • Job-training programs help build specific skills and knowledge for food-related jobs and careers. Job-training program topics include:

  • Agriculture
  • Culinary skills/Food service
  • Healthy classrooms/schools
  • Starting a food business
  • Powered by the Bainum Family Foundation’s Food Security Initiative, the Food Learning Locator’s goal is simple: to enable organizations, community members, funders and community advocates to connect, collaborate and more easily navigate the many food-education and job-training opportunities available in our area.

    Site features

    Using the search and filter features, you can browse through programs by location, age group, month(s) of operation, cost and more, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

    You can also check out our “Additional Food Resources” page in the drop-down menu, where you’ll find links to great food-related resources on food access, curriculum and more.

    The Food Learning Locator is accessible from your computer, tablet and mobile phone.  

    Programs and organizations on the map

    As of February 2019, the Food Learning Locator features programs from more than 50 organizations and promotes:

    • More than 80 food-education programs
    • More than 30 job-training programs


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